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HEA Premier Ltd

At HEA Premier we have a wide experience of IT technologies and can develop cost effective solutions to meet your business requirements, big or small. We can develop highly scalable bespoke applications, automate your complex business processes and deliver in depth reporting solutions.

Bespoke Development : We specialise in bespoke development and can tailor solutions to meet your business processes, data structures and ways of working. We can work with you to specify the system or take your paper based, lagacy or MS Office based solution and create interfaces with familiar layouts, terminology and work flows while bringing the benefits of a powerful and adaptable IT solution.

Systems Integration : We can develop powerful applications that encompass all of your system needs or integrate with your existing IT solutions. If you have other systems that output data then we can probably provide a solution to connect to and process that data. Our systems are also capable of outputing data as finished reports, MS Office compatibale formats or data feeds for other systems for seemless integration.

Data Warehousing and Reporting : Data management and business insight are key to any enterprise. We can help you consolidate your data to create a single authoritive source, develop business dashboards and generate timely reporting solutions in a secure and powerful database environment. Through web technologies we can make your data and reports available to you anywhere, when you need it and at an affordable price.

Websites, Customer Portals and E-Commerce : The internet has created a new world of business opportunities and ways to connect you with your customers, and it's a technology that's moving fast. We can help you develop the online tools you need to effectively engage with your clients and keep them. The internet is not just a shop window but a business solution, creating value added services for your customers and making transactions easy and seemless.

Competitive Pricing : Our commitment is to deliver affordable solutions and we offer very competitive prices to meet your business needs. Using our Swift Application Development Platform (Swift ADP) we may be able to halve both your application costs and delivery timeline. Swift ADP incorporates a number of open source tools, a very powerful database and plenty of ready built and tested code to handle common system functions including security, navigation, system audit, help screens and loads more!
Financial & operational systems Web based technologies Local system applications Business intelligence
  • Financial reporting systems
  • Management reporting
  • Operation, resource, management and customer focused solutions
  • Bespoke and tailored applications
  • Hosted and local network architecture
  • Websites and intranets
  • Web based and networked applications
  • Rapid development with Swift ADP
  • Visual Basic development
  • Excel based modelling and reporting
  • MS Access development
  • Local network databases and applications
  • Data warehousing
  • Business modelling
  • Reporting tools
  • Dashboards & KPI's
  • Automated reporting
  • MS SQL, Cognos TM1 and bespoke development
Fast Affordable Applications with 'Swift ADP'.

The Swift Application Development Platform (Swift ADP) is a package of pre-built code which incorporates all of the core components for a web based application, including security controls, menu system, flexible web interface, help functionality, integrated support ticketing, system audit, master data maintenance, system wide messaging, data export functionality and more. Swift ADP enables bespoke applications to be developed rapidly and affordably in a feature rich environment.

Swift ADP has evolved through knowledge, experience and continuous improvement. Based primarily on the MySQL database engine, a php code base and incorporating open source technologies. Swift ADP is highly flexible. It can connect to and incorporate many other networked and web based technologies making it an ideal tool to fit with your existing systems and can continue to grow and adapt with your business. We can develop Swift ADP either on your own network or offer hosted solutions accessible through the internet.

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